I thought this was something worth revisiting. I published it about  2 1/2 years ago.

The reason it came back to mind was the other day I was at the intersection of 16th & Limit (65 Highway) in Sedalia. I was sitting at a stop light when from west of the intersection came a Sedalia Fire Department firetruck and a Sedalia FD emergency vehicle.

There were a couple cars stopped at the light in front of the forthcoming emergency vehicles and you could tell the drivers weren't really sure what they should do. Stay in their postilion and let the FD vehicles maneuver around them or move through the intersection so it would be clear for the emergency equipment to make its way through and on to their destination.

This is something that not only young drivers but also more experienced ones should see, and store away in our brains for future reference. How many times have you heard sirens and seen flashing lights in your rear view mirror or as you're heading down the road you come upon an scene where emergency vehicles have been deployed? For many of us this can add confusion to an already tense situation.

So please watch the video, and if you have young drivers in the house, make an extra effort that they pay attention to this.

We hope you never have to be in this situation but most likely, you will. This video from the El Paso Fired Department may help you to maneuver your vehicle when that time comes about.

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