Pettis County Sheriff Brad Anders posted the following statement on Facebook Monday afternoon concerning the winter weather we are currently enduring:

“Over the next few days we will be experiencing extremely cold weather.

This brings with it icy roads and the potential for vehicles to slide off the roadway. It is a good idea to prepare in case you are stranded in freezing temps. Have several blankets in your vehicle to keep warm in the event you are unable to exit safely and request assistance.

Keep your mobile devices charged in the event you can call for help. Feel free to add any other items needed for survival during such an event.

Lastly, keep any eye out for vehicles that may be off the roadway and contact law enforcement to check on the welfare of any potential occupants. This includes, but is not limited to, ditches, tree lines, and near bridges.

Speaking of BRIDGES, these freeze long before the rest of the roadway. Be cautious when driving over bridges. No sudden movements of the steering wheel, quick acceleration, or quick stops. I would advise no passing on bridges as well to avoid taking out nearby vehicles in the event you lose control of yours.

Lastly, because you cannot see ice does mean it isn’t there. Slow down and arrive safe!!”

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