This article is compiled from reports issued by the Pettis County Sheriff's Office.


Sunday evening, Pettis County Deputies were on patrol in the area of Highway Y and Botts Road. Deputies initiated a traffic stop on a black colored Nissan for speeding. While the vehicle was travelling eastbound on Highway Y, just west of Y and 127, Deputies clocked the vehicle’s speed at 78 in a 55 MPH zone. The vehicle was stopped in the area of Highway Y and Botts Road. When Deputies made contact, a rear passenger, identified as Randy Lemler 31, of Sedalia, stated his wife had been taken to the hospital with a possible stroke. Deputies passed the driver’s information through JCOMM. The driver, John W. Marquess, 36, of Sedalia, had a Missouri driver’s license that was currently suspended. He also had two Failure to Appear warrants from the City of Sweet Springs in Saline County stemming from a citation in November of 2023. The FTA warrants were on original charges of Speeding (11-15 MPH Over) and Operating A Motor Vehicle Without Maintaining Financial Responsibility. The warrant carried a cash or surety bond of $250.00. However, because of the circumstance, Deputies chose to issue Marquess a citation for Driving While Suspended instead of placing him under arrest. As Lemler had a currently valid Missouri driver’s license, he was able to drive the vehicle to the hospital. Marquess has a court date in May 2024 on the Driving While Suspended charge.


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