The Scott Joplin Festival is in full swing throughout Sedalia this week.  Ragtime performers Will Perkins and Frank Livolsi took time away from the crowds to visit the summer program of the Boys and Girls Club of West Central Missouri.

19-year-old Will Perkins has been playing ragtime for five years.  Playing ragtime and early jazz piano have allowed him to travel the world, showcasing his talents across the globe.  However, Perkins says the Scott Joplin Festival right here in Sedalia is the major ragtime festival in the world.

Perkins enjoyed the chance to play in front of kids rather than an older audience.  "Playing in front of kids is a really different atmosphere than what I usually play, and it's nice to do something different," he said.  You can watch Perkins' performance of Joplin's "Maple Leaf Rag" below.


Frank Livolsi has been playing for 15 years and has played at the Scott Joplin Festival multiple times.  Although Livolsi enjoys performing, what keeps him returning is the camaraderie of the folks who attend the festival.

"It's like a small family," Livolsi said.  "I've had the great luck of being introduced to some world class pianists who are also extremely down to Earth and extremely friendly."  Enjoy Livolsi's performance of Joplin's "Cascades" below.


The Scott Joplin Festival continues throughout the week.  You can get more information about the festival and performance times at

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