The Sedalia 200 School Board met in regular session Monday night at Parkview Elementary and heard an update regarding 'smart-helmet' technology for the Smith-Cotton High School Tigers football team.

The district began using some of the new helmet tech this year in an effort to help protect players from concussions. The 'smart-helmet' technology, Riddell Insite, is manufactured by Riddell and described as an insert for football helmets designed to alert when severe impacts are sustained during football games and practices.

The Impact Alert System transmits those alerts to sideline staff, who can review the information.

Currently, the district has 8 helmet inserts. Athletic Director Rob Davis said the inserts are being moved around, in regards to positions on the team. Davis added, "We are getting a pretty good idea of which positions are getting hit the hardest."

The data provided by the alert system can be printed and logged over time, when sent to a handheld monitor as part of the system.

S-C Tigers head football coach Charlie McFail added, "the data has changed some of the coaching tactics." Such as when a player sustains too many severe impacts, that data is monitored and a player may be removed from weekly drills or taken out of a game, as a precaution against concussions or other possible head trauma.

McCarthy Auto Group funded nearly $1,000 for the current helmet inserts, at a cost of almost $120 a piece. The district would like to have about 100 of the inserts to monitor all players during games and practices.

Later in the meeting, the board approved the candidate filing period from Dec. 12 - Jan 16. Board President Dr. Jeffrey Sharp and Secretary Stephanie Lefevers terms are set to expire in April 2018.

In other action, the Sedalia 200 School Board approved a Memorandum of Understanding between the district and Katy Trail Community Health, in regards to a grant to help students with mental health needs. The grant is a 'Rural Health Outreach' grant that would be administered by Katy Trail Community Health center. The grant application is due by December 6.

Ryan Skaith
Ryan Skaith

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