The following Sedalia Police and Pettis County Sheriff's crime reports are from the morning of Friday, October 30, 2015.

Sedalia Police recovered two digital cameras and a large portion of the photography equipment, with the photos still intact, yesterday (October 29). The $6,000 in cameras and equipment were reported stolen from the 700 Block of West 4th on October 23. One camera was found in Pettis County and the other in Lincoln. Charges are pending on two individuals in reference to felony stealing and receiving stolen property.

A man reported to Sedalia Police someone stole his 2008 black Pontiac G6, while he got a cup of coffee at Casey's at 716 West 16th, last night (October 29).

Pettis County Deputies received a report of a theft from a shop in Windsor in the 10000 Block of Highway 52 that $1,500 in property was stolen on October 28 or 29.

A man in the area of East Chestnut and Depp Avenue reported to Sedalia Police someone broke into his home and stole some items, yesterday (October 29).

An employee of Walmart reported to Sedalia Police someone stole a Tablet cover, valued at $39.88, yesterday (October 29).

A student at Smith-Cotton High School reported to Sedalia Police, yesterday (October 29), someone struck his father's 2007 Toyota Camry, causing minor damage to the rear bumper.

A woman reported to Sedalia Police she lost her wallet, yesterday (October 29).

A passport holder, with cash, was found near the red slide at Liberty Park, yesterday afternoon (October 29).
Sedalia Police arrested Christopher Ford for driving without a license.

The School Resource Officer at Smith-Cotton High School arrested 17-year-old Francisco Quetzecua Jr. for driving while suspended.

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