The following Sedalia Police and Pettis County Sheriff's Reports are from the morning of Wednesday, Jan. 30, 2013

Sedalia Police Investigate an Assault

Yesterday (Jan. 29), Sedalia Police were dispatched to the 2000 Block of South Washington for a reported burglary in progress. Sedalia Police saw a white male standing at the front door and bleeding from the face. The victim said that he was awaken by the door bell and answered the door. The suspect at the door punched him in the face and continued to assault him inside the home.  Sedalia Police found the suspect, Rudy Perez Jr., a few houses away from the home. Rudy Perez Jr. was arrested for assault in the 2nd degree and burglary in the 1st.

Sedalia Police Investigate a Case of Fraud

Yesterday (Jan. 29), a subject came into the pharmacy at Bing's East with a prescription she wanted filled. The prescription was for a drug that was outside the scope of the prescribing physician's practice. The subject was found to be using five different doctors and/or clinics, along with five different pharmacies to get Adderall. The doctors, clinics and Medicaid Fraud Hotline were contacted.

A Dog was On the Loose

Yesterday (Jan. 29), a staff member from the animal shelter reported to Sedalia Police that they had an aggressive dog on the loose inside the building. The animal was captured without further incident and no injuries were reported.

Sedalia Police Investigate Property Damage and Theft

Sedalia Police received a report of property damage. Someone spray-painted on the side of a garage between Jan. 22 and 29.

A woman in the 500 Block of East 16th reported to Sedalia Police that one of her license plates were stolen while parked at Walmart on Jan. 28.

Sedalia Police Make Two Arrests

Sedalia Police arrested Jeremy Miller for failure to appear, bond set at $124.30 cash only.

Sedalia Police arrested Larry Washington for failure to appear and resisting arrest.