Sedalia Police have identified 15 burglary cases that follow a noticeable pattern. According to a press release, thieves have forced entry to empty or unoccupied residences during overnight hours to steal portions of copper piping. In some cases, the burglaries are detected after the fire department is called to investigate a gas leak in the area. The police are asking the citizens of Sedalia for help in stopping this dangerous activity which could result in explosions and injuries.

Police say that residents need to identify houses in their neighborhood that are unoccupied, keep an eye on them and report any suspicious activity. Residents should also report any unusual strong odors of natural gas so that dangerous leaks do not develop into an explosion which could damage not only the burglarized home, but the surrounding homes as well.

People living in the area between Kentucky Ave. and Park Ave. North of Broadway should take note that the majority of these crimes have happened in that location, so residents need to be extra vigilant.

If you have any information on these burglaries, contact the Crime Stoppers Tip Hotline at 660-827-TIPS (660-827-8477).  All calls remain anonymous. To report suspicious activity around an unoccupied house, call the Sedalia Police Department at 660-826-8100. To report a gas leak, call 911.

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