As you all are surely aware by now, the people here in Sedalia are a very helpful, caring, and charitable lot.  That always shows itself really well during the holiday season.  One way that people like to help is with the Salvation Army. So many people in our area are so generous to those of us who are less fortunate. Families are in need, and most of us agree that no kid should go without a Christmas.  That's where lots of groups here in our area come in.  The Salvation Army in Sedalia is unique because their bell ringers that you see everywhere are all volunteer. Those bell ringers are very important people, because they're what makes a lot of this happen.  But it's not just money that is needed this holiday season, it's also time.

I got to talk with Salvation Army Lieutenants Jared and Tonia Collins about ways you can help this year.

To get more information, visit their website.

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