In July 2019, the Sedalia Police Department’s Crime Resolution Unit (CRU) initiated an operation focusing on specific areas and residences, which have been identified to be involved with potential drug activity.

The majority of the information used to help generate the operation, was compiled from citizen complaints made to the Sedalia Police Department. The CRU deployed an increase in patrol units on certain days throughout the month, to the areas identified by these citizen complaints.

As a result of the operation, the CRU initiated one hundred thirty five (135) different incidents from traffic stops, area checks, subject checks, vehicle checks and knock and talk investigations. Throughout the operation, two (2) stolen vehicles were recovered, two (2) firearms were seized from prohibited persons and twenty nine (29) arrests were made for various offenses.

According to a press release, it is the mission of the Sedalia Police Department to provide the highest quality of service to the residents of Sedalia. Citizens can expect to see an increase of police presence in their communities in a coordinated effort to deter crime and increase public safety.

Consequently the Sedalia Police Department will work to solve problems that create significant crime issues within the city. As always, we are here to serve the community. Several of these arrests were the direct result of police presence in areas identified through citizen complaints as high crime areas. The community is often the eyes and ears of the Police Department – if you see something, say something!

Randy Kirby
Randy Kirby

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