The Studio A Dance Conservatory put on a recital for all the students that took dance classes in the last year with director Anna Crumley Nelson. This year was also an opportunity to highlight the awards they received in regional competition as the Studio A Company Team. This year's program had 49 performances through the night.

I have to say personally I was there for my daughter who is in two of the classes there and performed 'Puttin on The Ritz' for Tap II and 'Symphony No. 5' for Ballet 3. In addition, I got to perform with her during the daddy/daughter dance. It is amazing to see 40-50 dads on the stage to be a part of the dance show. Some of us know how to dance and then there are those like myself, who were born with two left feet. I've often said I'll move mountains for my daughter if I have to and I gave it a try. We danced to music from 'Dirty Dancing' and dressed up like Patrick Swayze. I think we at least looked good and with the help of Miss Anna and a few of the other experience company players, we managed to pull of a good dance (minus my slip on the final night).

Overall, I enjoyed the show with some of my favorites being 'Bossa Nova' which feature the whole company, 'Stayin' Alive' by Tap II, 'Cups' by Tap V, 'Elements' by the Company and 'Hard Knock Life' by jazz/hip hop. The duo of Joe Webster and Reece was fun to watch, along with the Senior solos by Monika Vaughan and Drew Hemeyer. Each act was very unique and great to see how far these dancers have come. All in all, the young ladies and gentlemen put their full efforts into each show and I applauded all of them. However, the last two performances tugged at the heart, with Abigail Tippie performing a solo dance to the song 'Healer.'  Abbie has been battling cancer and a video shared the story of her enjoying dance and Anna Crumley Nelson worked with her on this routine for therapy and healing and brought the house to a standing ovation for this tiny dancer.

The last song was fitting to follow up Tippie,  Christina Stratton had a dance for the benefit of 'Dancers vs Cancer' where she raised money for Warriors For Ross, which is part of her Miss Missouri Teen USA program platform. Warriors For Ross helps families pay for travel so they can take care of children facing various health issues and diseases.

Stratton challenged the audience to donate $1 each to the cause and she far exceeded that. Stratton announced on Newstalk 1050 KSIS that they raised $4,100 with checks and donations coming in.

If you'd like to donate, you can send to:

Miss Christina Stratton/Miss Missouri Teen USA

PO Box 172

2304 Broadway Boulevard

Sedalia, MO 65301.

A job well done to Anna Crumley and all the classes involved in the 'Take 5' production. Congratulations to Landree Clark and Monika Vaughn on being named the Dancers of the Year.