The Sedalia Police Department is investigating a phone scam that is aimed at older people in the area.

According to information KSIS received this morning (July 30) at the police station, a 73-year-old Sedalia man came to the station to report he had been contacted by someone with a foreign accent, who was calling from area code 768. According to the complainant, the person asked for bank information they said was needed to send them a new Social Security Card. The complainant declined to answer.

Over the years banks and Social Security personnel have put out information on such scams, which assures everyone that neither would ask for private information over the phone.

So if someone calls you on the phone, or sends you a letter asking for your bank or social security number either by mail or by phone, report it to the police department, no matter how official it looks.

If you have been contacted by a scammer, and have given them sensitive information, contact your bank and the Social Security Office as soon as possible. If you know an older person who may fall victim to this kind of scam, please contact them with this information.