The 90s were a great time to grow up in! There was so much great music, television, films, and we lived under one of the most prosperous times in recent economic history. We saw the age of the P.C. and a huge upswing with the advent of the Internet and World Wide Web. We became connected in ways we never thought possible. The world was at out fingertips and there was hope in the air that we could accomplish anything we set our minds too. I don't think I'm too far off in saying that the 90s were very reminiscent of the 60s in some particular ways. We questioned the government again with the Monica Lewinski scandal. The music had meaning and spoke to the heart again. We had great momentum as we approached the 2000s and times changed very rapidly. By 2001, the nation was embroiled in a fight against terrorism after the World Trade Center was destroyed. Our generation saw, for the first time, what the consequences of a needless war did to the country and our standing in the world. We saw the first African American elected to the White House and there was a resurgence of hope. Nothing ever goes as planned and the events of our generation are no different.

We have a chance to retake the American Dream and stand up for great causes that are before us. Let's not waste this chance. A lot of us are in our early 30s now and have families of our own. Let's seize the moment and make this an opportunity to leave our kids a better world. It starts now with all of us!!


Ryan Skaith

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