This thought was actually inspired by my curious co-worker, Randy!  He and I type up news reports from around the area, although he's definitely more of the news guy.

I'm just kind of a helper when it comes to the news department.  But he asked me a valid question today that I thought could do with some answering.  He's noticed there have been a rash of catalytic converter thefts here in our area.  I've noticed that, too. So he asked me, what's the deal? Why are people taking this specific part?

Well first of all,  let's address what a catalytic converter is.  Now I'm no expert when it comes to automobiles - my Dad taught me how to change a tire, how to check my oil, all that good stuff, but it's not like I Retained all that information. Triple A is thing for a reason. But I do know a little bit.  A catalytic converter is, to keep it simple so that I understand it, basically like another part of your muffler.  The converter neutralizes harmful gasses that your car produces.  You know, the stuff that makes smog.  So every car and truck that was made since the mid seventies has one.

It's often located under your vehicle, and usually sits near your muffler.  Kinda looks like one too, but I couldn't find a picture that I could use without paying for the privilege.  And I'm not about to go crawling under my car to get you one, sorry. So what happens is, the thieves travel with a portable saw, slip under the vehicle, saw it off, and abscond.

Now, Why do they do this?  Seems like a very specific part to take, right? Right. It's all about metal and money. Those things are expensive.  Very Expensive. They're so expensive because they contain platinum and some other rare metals.  Selling that metal can you get you sometimes thousands of dollars.

So yeah, for someone who's a criminal and wants easy, quick money, that's often a way they go.  I know it puts the buyers in an awkward position, because there's no way for them to tell if it was stolen or not.  And the thing is, since they're required and can cause damage to your vehicle if its removed, it's expensive for the victim, too.

But is there anything you can do to prevent yours being stolen?  Kind of.  There's no lock or device you can put on them to secure them as far as I know.  You just have to have things in place that would deter thieves.  Cameras, good lighting, ways to make stealing your stuff unappealing because there's a good chance they'll get caught.

Hopefully you can take some preventive measures to keep your property safe.  I certainly hope it doesn't happen to you or your business or workplace.  But if you didn't know why this was happening, we've learned a little more.

Convertingly yours,


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