Our latest Central Bank of Sedalia Unsung Hero is April Jacobs from Lincoln! 

April is the owner of Shirley's Highway Cafe in Lincoln.  They've been in business for about eight years. April considers herself to be very lucky and wants to give back to the community, so they have since their second year of operations.  It started small, with a quilt raffle, but built up over the years.  This past year, they had several donations to their raffle, including a gun and another quilt.  They had a free will donation dinner, and all of the money went to kids who couldn't have a Christmas. Here's April's talk with Randy Kirby about her nomination.

Her nominator was anonymous, but clearly they've been appreciative of her work. She got 125 kids their Christmas presents with the Salvation Army.  And it's not just at Christmas time.  She made and delivered Thanksgiving meals to people who couldn't get out due to the pandemic, donated socks to the homeless,  and wants to keep giving back.

Thanks to April and the crew at her restaurant for doing so much for everyone in need.  And don't forget, you can always nominate your next Unsung Hero. You can do that here.  Nominate whoever you like that deserves a little pat on the back.  You can even nominate more than one person, if you wanted to.  After all, we want to keep the good will going and pass it forward.  Thanks again to our nominator and to April for helping people out in West Central Missouri!

Nominatingly yours,

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