I'm starting a new segment called "Doug's Favorite Finds." There are lots of things that I share on the air about my life, and I know that many people will talk about new things they have uncovered. Whether the new thing is a gadget, such as a new fridge or maybe it's a new computer or something that you ordered from "As Seen on Television." There are so many fun gadgets, so I thought I would start highlighting some of my personal favorites.

Last year, I was shopping with my wife and instantly fell in love with the Charcoal Companion Pizza Grilling Pan. I love pizza and sometimes I just want a good homemade pizza. I've bought pizza stones in the past, but I love the idea of having a brick oven pizza without the use of the brick oven.

This grilling pan can be used in any type of grill. You just put the pizza on top of the grill for a few minutes, until the cheese melts or the pizza crust turns brown and you have yourself a great pizza. The coolest part is the handle, which you can detach when it's in your grill and close the lid.

I have used this pizza grilling pan on many occasions and it works amazing. One of the few drawbacks to it, is you need to monitor the pizza closely. If you put too many toppings on your pizza, then the crust may burn if you set the grill too high, which I have done.
Cleaning it is pretty simple, just soak it and clean it off and it's good to go, unless you burned the pizza, then a little muscle will get the pizza right off.

Regardless, my wife would tell you I'm not the greatest chef in the world, but this grilling pan makes dinner fun for the whole family. You may find once you get the hang of the pizza grilling pan, you won't fire up your own pizza in the oven that you make from scratch.

Do you have a gadget that you really love? Let me know and I'll share some of your stories or check out the gadget too and highlight it.