On Saturday night, Sedalia Police responded to a disturbance in the area of East Broadway Boulevard and Crescent Drive.

Before Officers arrived, they were told by the caller the suspect had left the scene in a silver Cadillac, and he was intoxicated. While checking the area, Officers observed the suspect driving.

The suspect fled on foot and was captured shortly after. Officers noted the suspect was sweating, and his eyes were watery, glassy, and bloodshot.

The suspect also had a strong odor of intoxicants on his breath, but he denied any alcohol consumption. The suspect was placed under arrest and placed in the Officers’ vehicle. The charges were explained to the suspect, who stated they “didn’t catch him driving” but then said he “parked” the car. On the way to the Police Station, the suspect asked why he was being arrested.

When informed of the possibility of a DWI and DWR charge, he said he only drove a block. A few blocks away, the suspect began yelling and bashed his head several times on the patrol car partition. The suspect said if he was taken to the municipal courthouse, they would have a problem. He stated this as they were entering the parking lot of the Police Department.

As the Officer pulled in to park, the suspect stated “better get ready to fight a mother****er.”. The suspect was told the Officer would like his cooperation. The suspect then shouted, “Open the g*d damn door so I can kick the f**k out of you. Open the door, p***y.” When Officers did open the door, the suspect jumped out of the patrol car, and attempted to step away from the Officer.

The suspect pulled out of the Officers grasp, and then struck his chest to the Officer’s chest. As the suspect was restrained and taken to the processing room, he stated “Let me f***ing go. Let me the f*** go. I’m sitting down you stupid f***ing r**ard.” He then jumped up in an aggressive manner, and was ordered to sit down. He then responded “F*** you, I can stand if I want to.”

Using his right arm, he struck the Officer’s chest and attempted to pull away again. During the struggle, an Officer was kneed in the face, on his lip, causing pain. There were several occurrences where the suspect had slammed another Officer’s left hand into the brick wall behind him. Index fingers and knuckles were injured in the second Officer. The suspect admitted he found the situation funny, and seemed to be laughing uncontrollably. The Officers explained the search warrant process, and the suspect claimed he would allow them to collect a sample, but then refused.

The suspect also did not allow an inspection of his mouth, concealing the majority of his mouth with his tongue. Blake R. Clapham, 36, homeless, was arrested on two charges of felony Assault in the 3rd Degree (Special Victim), felony Driving While Revoked, felony Resisting Arrest, Assault in the 4th Degree (Pursuant to Subdivision 1 and 5), and Driving While Intoxicated**.

Bond was set at $7500 cash or surety.

**Casenet 24PT-CR00960 lists one of the Assault in the 3rd Degree charges were not filed. Total current charges for Clapham: felony Assault in the 3rd Degree, felony Driving While Revoked, felony Resisting Arrest, Assault in the 4th Degree, and Driving While Intoxicated.

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