The Olde Glory Days is going on in Historic Downtown Clinton. In each of  the last couple of years, my wife and I have made the trek to check out the Wiener Dog Races for the benefit of the Clinton Animal Shelter. This year my son and I went, since my wife and daughter are out of town.

Jim Raysik and Dave Lee hosted the event for the standing room crowd, and the dogs just seemed to get faster and faster, with each passing round. In the end, only one dog became the champ for the 2014 Wiener Dog Races and its name was Pearl. This was the second year in a row that Pearl won the event and wowed the crowd with her speed.

If you have never gone to see the amazing Olde Glory Days, you need to check it out. The Olde Glory Days goes on for one more day (Sunday, July 6) and culminates with the Mega Fireworks Display, sponsored by Schrieber Foods. Be sure to check the schedule for daily events and here is a look at some of the fun had in Clinton, while I was there.

For the record, my son and I enjoyed the home made corn dog and the chocolate funnel cake.