I am a proud child of the 80s and 90s and am very excited for the release of Pixels at the movies. First off, it's a movie about video games attacking the earth. I can still remember getting my first Atari in the early 80s and then when Nintendo came out, but I most remember the great memories of going to places like Major Majics, Chuck E Cheese and locally Token Joes in Sedalia and even the rec room at Whiteman Air Force Base. The allure of having a stack of quarters and anxiously awaiting the next arcade game to play.

I have always been a pinball fan, but I think we can all recall waiting to play Pac-Man or some version of it. I sometimes wonder if the line "I ain't afraid of no ghost" came from the hours of chomping on the ghosts in Pac-Man. I can still recall the cameo it got in Tron, waiting to play it on the table version, so you can sit down and play. While I never got the real high scores, it was a blast to go to the arcade and play the many versions of Pacman.

However in all the heyday of the arcade, was this classic song, Pac-Man Fever that Buckner & Garcia put out in 1982. However with the release of Pixels, a new version has come about. Check it out and relive they heyday of video games by seeing Pixels.

For you fans of the original version, like myself let's go back into time with Dick Clark.



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