Red Ribbon Week is approaching at Smith-Cotton High School beginning October 23.

The purpose of Red Ribbon Week is to raise awareness about the choices students have when it comes to drug and alcohol use. FACS teachers, Marina Scheiner, says a big week is planned for students at the high school.

Scheiner says some the events include watching videos to help students understand what problems are associated with drugs and alcohol abuse.

Scheiner noted the events of Red Ribbon Week are folded into the week's curriculum and students can interact with those activities and informational topics.

In order to get ready for Red Ribbon Week, Scheiner says the week before, the district will begin to create awareness among the students.

During Red Ribbon Week, there will be a speaker to present information about the effects of drugs and alcohol abuse. Scheiner said the district would like to make a 'human red ribbon' and have a drone fly over the football field to take a picture the students in formation.

Red Ribbon Week takes place October 23 - 27, and Sedalia 200 is in session Monday - Thursday that week. Class will not be session that Friday, due to parent-teacher conferences.

Scheiner says information about drug and alcohol abuse will be available for parents, as well, during the conferences.


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