This month's Unsung Hero has done a lot for a lot of people. She's making a huge impact from far away.

Shirley Parker actually lives in Texas.  But she does a lot of great stuff for people with the Red Cross. She does Christmas giveaways, produce giveaways, and helps out fire victims.  She goes out to the scenes to get the services to people who need it and who have lost everything, whether they need a pastor or a psychologist or just a set of warm clothes.  Here's what her nominator, Brandi Dwire, had to say.

She is mayor of her small town, she works with Red Cross, a volunteer firefighter, delivers produce and food to people in her community, she heads up City Council, she does bookkeeping and taxes, and still has time for her husband, 12 kids, and 20 grandkids and great grandkids. She is an amazing woman. And we all love her so very much.


Shirley's involvement inspires people around her, even if she's had to hand over some of her duties to younger people. She's done just a little bit of everything, and she's not stopping anytime soon.  Heck, she's done so much it's reached us up here all the way down from Texas.  Anyway, here's her conversation with Randy about everything she did, does, and wants to do to help people in the future.

Who should be our next Unsung Hero? You can always nominate yours here. Congratulations to Shirley, and thanks for everything you do!

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