Not too long ago, one of the oldest grocery stores in town shut down both locations. Now one building houses a new Woods Supermarket... while the other waits. I think I've said a few times before that more stuff should expand out to the East side of Sedalia. And now, we have this... space. It's just sitting there, waiting.  I haven't heard of any plans for the building, anyway.  I don't live on the East side of town, but I remember what it was like to not have that super convenient grocery store on the way home. So maybe they do want another grocery store there.... but which one? Or maybe it should be some other kind of business, or a service, maybe. Or maybe should they just tear it down and start over? I'd kind of hate to see it go, it is a part of Sedalia history to me.

So what do you think? What should go in the old Bing's East building?

Buildingly yours,

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