Not that long ago was the 3 year anniversary of the tornado that came through Joplin Missouri and Jefferson City.  I was not living here at the time, but I know that there was a lot of destruction.  We certainly know about how severe and dangerous a tornado can be.  What if you could have an apartment that would keep you very safe from them.  Very private. This underground 'Basement' might be a nice place to live, and I wonder if Missouri residents would welcome one of these.

You can read about the Zillow listing HERE.  This place would be perfect from the standpoint of never having to worry about a tornado that we often get here in the Midwest.  Just a very small part of the roof sticks out, and a shed is included. The building is heated with natural gas and features wall cooling units; though it probably stays pretty cool throughout the house considering it is underground.  There is a kitchen and dining area.  How many Missourians would be intrigued by this place? If you like your privacy it may interest you.  Check out the gallery below.

For me, I think this place would be kind of cool.  The place has enough room for 1 person or two.  Private for sure.  Safe, and as long as everything is functioning normally, I don't need a lot of natural sunlight.  Perhaps relaxing on the "roof" of the place if you want a little sun.  I wonder how long it will be on the market.


Underground Basement Home For Sale

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