Sedalia Parks & Rec provided fans of the Old Jennie Jaynes Stadium to go through a final walk through of the place the provided 61 years of pride and tradition. After the final walk through, the company of Perkins Dozing began the process of demolition.

They placed a fence up around the stands of the stadium, where Smith-Cotton and Sacred Heart Fans enjoyed many football games over the years. They began to take the seats out, which have been purchased by an unnamed person and those seats went to a few projects that non-profit groups requested.

The demolition began with the coaches offices and the seats on the north side of the stands and will take a total of about two weeks for the demolition project to be finally finished.

If you missed this great tribute to Jennie Jaynes in the fall, be sure to check it out.

So long Jennie Jaynes and thanks for the memories.