The Empire District Gas Company is offering some tips for area customers in case they smell natural gas.

Natural gas has no scent of its own. A press release from Empire Gas say that natural gas odor is added for safety reasons to aid in the detection of a gas leak.

Empire Gas District says the "rotten egg smell" can help detect even the tiniest gas leak. If customers smell gas, they are reminded not to attempt locating the leak.

Some tips that Empire District Gas Company is offering include:

- Get to a safe distance and call the emergency gas leak number at 800- 406-9220.

 - Do not unplug any electrical appliances or turn any electrical switches, appliances, or lights on or off when there is a gas odor.

- Do not use telephones in the area of a gas odor.

- Do not use elevators.

- Do not position or operate vehicles and power equipment where leaking gas may be present.

- Do not smoke or use lighters, matches, or other open flames.

**Based in Joplin, Missouri, Empire District is a subsidiary of Liberty Utilities Co.**

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