The National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City recently received a sizable donation to help support the Museum's efforts to preserve precious objects and documents from the Great War.

According to a press release from the museum, the William T. Kemper Foundation pledged $300,000 in support of the project. The grant also assists with expenses for additional staff and digitization equipment, to allow access to online documents.

“The National World War I Museum and Memorial holds the most comprehensive collection of Great War objects and documents in the world,” said National World War I Museum and Memorial President and CEO Dr. Matthew Naylor. “Enhancing both the process and the speed with which we’re able to digitize the collection is absolutely critical. We’re grateful to the William T. Kemper Foundation for assisting the Museum in making it possible for individuals around the world to access the collection digitally.”

According to the media release, 'the goal of the Museum’s digitization effort is to make thousands of World War I objects and documents searchable via an online database on the organization’s website.'

The project is intended to increase public outreach and educational opportunities for students, researchers, descendants of World War I soldiers, and people with an interest in the war.

All told, the William T. Kemper Foundation has contributed nearly $550,000 to the Museum in support of the digitization work since 2011.

“The William T. Kemper Foundation is pleased to offer continued support to the National World War I Museum and Memorial for its vital efforts to preserve and promote access to the Museum’s extensive collection,” said Commerce Bank Foundation Office Director Beth A. Radtke. “This work will help to ensure that the Great War and its lessons, remain in the collective consciousness for generations to come.”

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